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Allison Philpotts

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Allison Philpotts

I am a landscape artist who creates large acrylic paintings on canvas. For inspiration I draw on the rolling prairie and mountain of Southern Alberta and British Columbia. I find paint to be a natural medium for my creative expression.

I tend to work with a strong colours and somewhat simplified imagery in an attempt to reflect my own feelings about whatever scene serves as the current source of inspiration. I work to build this emotional response into the painting process itself by letting it guide my work tempo and type of brushwork and colours, etc. For me, at least, this seems to better serve my ultimate goal that strict replication of the actual scene itself to create a feeling, rather than an image, of a place.

My goal is to bring the feeling of the natural environment into an interior space. A painting succeeds when it captures the grandeur and serenity of nature and translated these feelings to the viewer.

My work is now distributed in collections across the Western Provences of Canada and the United States.