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angeline simon

Thirty years ago my mother and father immigrated to Canada. The majority of my relatives still reside in Malaysia and Germany. Growing up as an only child, I was always envious of others who had big families and relatives that lived close by. Trips back to my parents home countries were a rare occasion. My parents often told me stories of their lives before coming to Canada, and I was fascinated by how different their worlds used to be.

Family photographs hold great importance to me. These photographs are an extension of my self, a reflection of my heritage. Old portraits of my relatives are the current foundation of my photomontage practice. 

Distance has always been a complication; a subject I am exploring through photography. The majority of individuals in these portraits have never visited Canada. By inserting images of Canadian landscapes into these photographs, I create a juxtaposition of time and place. This merging of imagery expresses a whimsical representation of what “home” means to me: family and environment.