Built: Four In One

built: four in one


Adrian Cooke.  Julie Duschenes.  Glen MacKinnon.  Nicholas Wade.

Each of these four artists reside in southern Alberta and who have all had long associations with The University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts, Art Department & Gallery.  This is a group of artists whose independent work, very strikingly, translates from one medium to another, allowing "accumulations" to evolve.  Each professional practice is aligned with understanding the process of accumulation whether it be an industrial piece-by-piece puzzle; the sympathetic laying of a final brushstroke; a precise, one-eighth coring of wood; a turn of lath posturing an indelible acrylic surface.  All very beautiful, all built hypotheses. 

 BUILT: FOUR IN ONE is the first exhibition these artists will show together yet certainly not the first time each has ascended to public acclaim.   Adrian Cooke has an attention to detail that crosses boundaries of 2D & 3D work where the subtleties of the southern Alberta landscape inform sculpture, photography and prints.  Julie Duschenes is a master print-maker and painter who grew her professional practice into work where a primary and vibrant colour palate echoes the leanings of pressure & ease, of rigidity & flow.   Glen MacKinnon's 37-year art practice holds a diverse compliment of 2D & 3D artworks that prove a towering respect for reversing dialogues of what to anticipate as correct or relatable or known.   Nicholas Wade is a sculptor whose reconsideration of sculpture, painting and photography, light & shadow, rationality & instability realizes elegant, unexpected artworks. 

 With the recent opening of Mortar & Brick Arts/Events, the Lethbridge arts community welcomes contemporary arts gallerist Cheryl Baxter to southern Alberta. As Owner/Director of Elevation Contemporary Art Gallery (Canmore, AB), Cheryl's 20+ years of experience will be a wonderful complement to an already dynamic contemporary arts community.

 Exhibition Dates:   08 December 2018 - 03 January 2019

Opening Reception:  Saturday 08 December 7:00 - 10:00pm

Organized by Laura Kenwood

Adrian cooke

Julie Duschenes

Glen MacKinnon

Nicholas Wade