Carl White

Carl White was born in Liverpool, England in 1969.He Studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design from 1989-1992 in Calgary, Alberta.

His paintings and drawings have been featured in many solo and group exhibitions across Canada since 1992 and reside in numerous private collections nationally and internationally. White currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta where he is exceedingly active in the art scene, as well as the community.

Exhibition Dates:   July 31 - August 17


Exhibition Statement By Anne Ewen, Curator of Art & Heritage - Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies


A carousel, like a roulette wheel, a lottery or equine-style fair ride, are metaphors White envisions in context to the continuously spinning merry-go-round of life and quest for the meaning of existence.

White’s fascination with art history and mythology, together with his understanding of artistic techniques, theories and application are the foundations of his practice. An intelligent and highly skilled painter, he combines his encyclopedic knowledge of art history with his love of punk rock culture and skateboarding. White’s paintings exude a genteel quietude overlaid with exquisitely choreographed defiance where the 16th century meets graffiti. These compelling historic painterly impressions merge with contemporary references encouraging the viewer to consider the value of preciousness and lasting preservation.  

On newly constructed work, veneer is pristine and clear but as paintings age, they crackle and flake, oftentimes peeling away like ripened rind. Seasoned and wrinkled skin form maps of our lives and like art are in a constant state of deterioration. Atrophy is impossible to halt. Yet, using heaters and accompaniments, White deliberately ages his paintings seeking the finely laced and intercrossed lines conservators strive to restore. Canvas is furled, back painted and gilded, offering an unpretentiousness attitude to the strictures of art museum protocols. Here the frame serves to amplify the gaping edges of frayed work.

As he contends with the complexities of his art practice, the artist manipulates multiple techniques with intuition and a practiced hand while exploring the riddles of painting.

Superb inventiveness combined with the talents of a forger, his paintings are transmutations with subtle gestures such as a Rubens hand or Kandinsky colourations, drawn from the recesses of his mind, where an archive of images coexist with the knowledge of Alchemy, Koan, Shiva, and the Sex Pistols.

Born in Liverpool, England, Carl White’s early awareness of history and passion for art was fueled by books and nourished by frequent outings to British museums and art institutions. After immigrating to Calgary, White attended the Alberta College of Art + Design studying Design and Communication where his response to assignments were tailored to painting. Upon graduation, White became a full-time painter. His work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada and are included in many private collections nationally and internationally. His public commissions adorn important structures such as the National Press building in Washington, D.C.