City Life - Country Life

City life - country life


Raymond Theriault, Adam Noonan, Kristopher Parley and Steve Coffey

Opening Reception June 6 2019 , 5 pm - 8 pm
Exhibition Dates:   May 30 2019 - June 15 2019

Most of us in Western Canada live in urban environments, have busy lives and are surrounded by all manner of development. Fair to say that each of us also, from time to time, crave the beauty and serenity of the land beyond the city or town boundaries. “City Life – Country Life” attempts to showcase some of the wonders and peculiarities of each place. From Raymond Theriault’s magnificent architectural representations to Steve Coffey’s stunning prairie skies, and from Kristofer Parley’s depictions of densely occupied landscapes to Adam Noonan’s vividly colorful yet slower paced works, the hope is to create a cross section of images that depict the balance of city life and country life that we all ultimately seek.

Organized in partnership with Mike Spencer & The Geomatic Attic