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Lucie Bause

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Lucie Bause

This collection of acrylic paintings explores my personal inner and outer explorations and journeys, along with the lessons that came with them, over the past few years. 

The inner journeys of finding and maintaining a spiritual practice are represented through the Interconnection Series. This work aims to recognize and honor the relationships between all aspects of Nature and has helped deepen my appreciation for Nature, inner and outer, majestic and mundane. 

The outer journeys of my physical movement are represented through The Forest Stories Series. This work explores the Japanese concept of forest therapy, which supports health and wellness through immersion in forests. This work represents my recent experiences and relationships with the Boreal forest and the Amazonian rainforests.

Please enjoy the paintings from this chapter of my life. Some of these lessons include awe, curiosity, adaptation, growth, transformation and hope.