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MAndy Stobo

My dream is to provide a solid world for my sons through my art.

I will never stop the search for color, joy, and emotional impact in my art.

With a practice honoring the traditional use of figure ground relationship and formalistic approaches to composition, my contemporary work merges together a use of text, chalk and highly saturated hues of paint. For me, the process of creating is just as important as the finished product. My mark making is not left to chance, but rather follows formal elements of design and composition to create a manageable current of chaos.

The use of vibrant colours and emotions in my paintings are a direct reflection of my outlook on life. I have a deep-seated passion for my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. I champion my city and it’s artistic and cultural endeavors. I have been involved in many projects from illustrating the children’s book “C is for Calgary”, to designing branding for various businesses, to working in film and television for productions such as The Valley Below, Haunting Melissa, Heartland, Angel’s Crest, Young Drunk Punk and more.

My deep connection to music, theatre and film challenges me to include live performance painting in my practice, allowing me to work alongside artists such as Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Library Voices, Raleigh, The Dudes, and Jann Arden. My work has been widely exhibited and collected all over the world, created in many satellite venues, but primarily from my home studio in Calgary.