Beany Dootjes, Leila Armstrong, Sarah Fuller, Katie Bruce

Exhibition Dates:   November 27th - January 2nd

Opening Reception: November 30 2019

Living in southern Alberta, one develops a relationship with our environment, understanding that with every season tell-tale indications remind us of what lays ahead. What remains the constant is our landscape, our topography. We develop navigational skills only to rely on them as we move through the familiar and unfamiliar reaches of what we come to define as home. Such is growing up in southern Alberta, inside this backdrop that holds us acutely to its every pulse, its every sigh, its every murmur, its every memory.

The exhibition RANGE brings together Lisa Armstrong, Katie Bruce, Beany Dootjes, and Sarah Fuller. Four artists, four women, four friends. The selected artworks in RANGE will provide its viewers with a clear measure of how each artist relates to her surroundings. What defines each artist is their fresh, decisive take on that which impacts them. What unites them is their abundance of inspiration that is, at once, a range of narratives. That each of these four visual accounts are striking unique, they each speak to and relate with the notion of home.

The artwork in RANGE explores facets of the artists lives reaching into memories of youthful play, skillful practice, fictional meanderings and the fluidity of nature.

Guest Directed by Laura Kenwood

Artist Statements

Katie Bruce

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Beany Dootjes

Sarah FUller

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Leila Armstrong

There is a disconnect between people’s everyday lived experience and their conception of nature as something external and removed. This leads to a concern that we will have no inclination for protecting the biodiversity with which we engage every day. Given that 81% of Canadians reside it urban centres, it is important to understand how city dwellers define and interact with urban wildlife. Through an investigation into the urban ecology of Lethbridge, my aim is to challenge people to rethink their conception of nature as detached from our daily lives. One of the intended outcomes of my research is to increase awareness of, and the need for, engagement with urban ecologies as spaces in which humans and other species must live and thrive together.


My goal with the Backyard Wilderness series is to render familiar animals (some that are considered pests) portrait worthy. I want to give them a sense of individuality and subjectivity.

Flexhaug series:

Levine Flexhaug’s paintings are formulaic and repeat the same basic composition. My desire is to deconstruct and reconstruct that formula, breaking down the paintings into their component parts. I also want to celebrate an artist whose work I enthusiastically collect.