Slow Reflections

Slow Reflections


Featuring a collection of Southern Alberta Artists

Leila Armstrong, Katie Bruce, Michael Cameron, Amy Dryer, Rowan Hill, Wanda Lock, Karen Maiolo, Don McIntyre, Alison Philpotts, Cameron Roberts, Angeline Simon, Madeleine Wood, Carl White

The beginning of a new year offers us a point of reference to both past and future versions of self. It may prompt new intentions or give us the space needed to create resolution and greater purpose in our lives; however, the external pressures to continuously improve upon ‘who we are’, erase bad habits, and form short term goals do not always lend well to self-growth.  

Like taking two steps forward and one step back, Slow Reflections recognizes the importance of patience, self-awareness, and respect when considering this process. The artworks selected for this exhibition offer us a glimpse into not only the personal, but the places and experiences that connect us to our individuality, and celebrate who we truly are.

 Exhibition Dates:   January 30 2019 - March 7 2019

Opening Reception:  Friday February 1 2019  4:00 - 9:00 PM

Curated by Kellen Spencer, Jaylyn Potts, and Courteny Green

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